26-28 July 2019, India

Jump Start-2019

About ASE

ASE Autonomous Startup Entrepreneur is a platform where we try to provide a one stop for all queries of any individual who has an idea and wants to make it a reality, who is ready to step into the world of cooperate sectors with his or her ideology, persistence, and confidence. Read More

About this Jump Start

Why We Are Doing This?

This is a very complex yet simple to answer question . While working on specific project that we are facing many problem but we were able to pull it off only because unity and diversity of our team. So we realized that any person can convert their dream venture into reality by having right people with similar mindset.

What We Are Doing ?

In a world of this much complexities and competencies it's very difficult for a startup to survive . We will help each and every potential entrepreneur and wanna be entrepreneurs to start with their venture , we will provide every resource we can possibly arrange whether it being money guidance or anything you think of we will be there for you.

What Are The Benifits?

We will be providing investors to all the wannapreneurs but we have lot more to give you beside this because there will be lots of experience and exposure competing with many other potential entrepreneur and after having all this you will have a taste that what all it takes to be the best . You will have all the motivation what it takes to be the bestpreneur .


Jump start is platform where we try to provide a stage for all the budding entrepreneurs, new start-ups,
new ideas, individuals and future builders to solve their every issue.

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